Community builder and family man

Phindile Xaba

Phindile Xaba

The community of Diepkloof Zone 4 mourns the death of Isaak Shima Ramotshela, who was gunned down at the weekend. The 35-year-old attorney will be remembered as a young community builder with other people's interests at heart.

One community member said this week: "Saki helped my son out when I had no money to pay for his legal fees."

His brother, Makgoba, said Ramotshela was more mature than most and he looked up to him.

"Though I am 15 years older than he was, he was the pillar of the family. He had such a good heart and his deeds were exemplary.

"He was not only an attorney. What made him special to the community, his clients and associates was that he always found the social and moral teachings in a case. All the parties concerned would walk away enriched at the end," Makgoba said.

He said his brother held a special place in the community's heart.

Ramotshela studied law at the University of the Witwatersrand, his fees taken from his mother's profits from her small business. He earned the respect of everyone who knew him.

Makgoba said: "The community identified with him because our late mother used to brew homemade beer. From her meagre profits she made it a point that the children's social and economic needs were met. That is why Saki was able to become a breadwinner when our mother died eight months ago.

"He never once dishonoured that part of his responsibility. He looked after his siblings, especially the ones who were not as fortunate as he. He would always say to people: 'It doesn't matter where you come from, what does matter is where you are today'. He would advise people to make the best out of the worst situation."

When his mother died, Ramotshela took over the business and turned it into a thriving licensed tavern in Diepkloof. He loved to have fun and mingle with people.

"At his tavern, people who were stressed came to spend time and were enriched," Makgoba said.

Ramotshela started school at Bopanang, then went Bokgomana Higher Primary in Diepkloof Zone 4. He also attended Mokomeni High School in GaRamokgopa, Botlokwa in Limpopo. He returned to Gauteng to study law. He completed his articles at Savage, Jooste and Adams, a law firm in Pretoria, and at Mabonda Ntuli. He then set up Ramotshela Attorneys.

Ramotshela is survived by his three young sons, three sisters and two brothers. He will be buried tomorrow at Avalon Cemetery. The service will be at his home: 6499 Zone 4 Diepkloof, from 7am.