Visits to shops, clinics soar

Vuyolwethu Sangotsha

Vuyolwethu Sangotsha

Sex shops and clinics said that the numbers of their clients skyrocketed yesterday with lovers flocking to them in an attempt to spice up their relationships on Valentine's Day.

Many people were desperate to get themselves products to enhance their sexual performance.

The Men's Clinic International said there was an increase in the number of clients consulting their doctors.

Matthew Dladla, a sex consultant at the Men's Clinic International, said: "The staff have had to work extra hours for the days leading up to Valentine's Day because the number of people visiting our clinics increased."

He said that gone are the days when it was only elderly men who were concerned about their sexual health.

Dladla said young men, even at the adolescent stage, visited the clinic.

He said people started to flock to the clinic as early as 7am yesterday and the number of their clients was three times higher than on a normal day.

Adult World, a sex shop in East London, Eastern Cape, said the number of customers buying sex toys had increased on Valentine's Day and during the few days prior to it.

A shop employee, Louise Venter, said clients were busy buying anything from toys, DVDs and magazines. She could not say if numbers were always higher on Valentine's Day because she had only recently started the job.

"Any race or gender comes here, but we usually get visitors who are in their late 20s," Venter said.

Yesterday people were busy looking at the products on the shelves and some of them were buying. One of the customers, Lulamile Gaqa, said he decided to visit the shop in an attempt to impress his partner. But he would not reveal what he was going to buy.

"I'm going to celebrate with my partner today and I want to give it my best shot," he said.