Gripping new drama

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

A new inspiring drama series, featuring our best actors, starts tonight - Ubizo/The Calling.

The show replaces Society, another successful mini-series, and will be shown on SABC1 every Thursday at 9pm.

Stars such as Linda Sokhulu, formerly with Generations as Cleo, Mary Twala, Domenic Fundam and Thembi Nkosi shine in this one.

Ubizo is a drama that many people will be able to relate to.

It is the story of Nomathemba, an ambitious and successful microbiologist.

She has lost touch with her heritage, her traditions and her people, but she has not lost her link with the ancestors, who are calling her through her dreams.

Unwittingly, Nomathemba is led to her ancestral lands in pursuit of indigenous healing knowledge that she aims to exploit.

But on the eve of the biggest success of her career, her life implodes when she sees an evil spirit trying to attack her beloved daughter, Thandeka.

And as she tries to fight off something no one else can see, everyone thinks she is crazy. Her marriage and her daughter's life are at stake.

Nomathemba knows that the only way to defeat the evil spirit threatening her family is to leave her successful city life and answer her calling to become a sangoma - something that goes against everything that she believes in. Watch the rest tonight.