Ford consolidates market share with its Territory ST

Mabuyane Kekana

Mabuyane Kekana

Gone are the days when you could easily brush off the blue oval when you saw it on the road.

Ford has come a long way, and today, Ford competes in almost every segment of the South African car market.

Since Ford's introduction of its performance engine ST (sport technology), it has grown stronger with new buyers from the younger generation.

Have you noticed how excited those Ford Fiesta and Focus ST drivers are when they are on the road?

Ford's ST philosophy was first introduced with the Fiesta two years ago.

Since then the manufacturer has never looked back.

Last week saw yet another ST added to the Ford family, but this time it was the big mama Territory ST. This Territory ST is aimed at petrol heads who want to combine performance with comfort.

I tried to imagine how the Territory ST would do in the petrol department, knowing what a guzzler the normal four-litre turbocharged engine is.

But we were assured that the Territory ST does not swallow fuel, if driven properly.

Though the Territory range kicked off on a low note in 2005, its makers say they are selling between 120 and 150 units a month.

With the Territory ST, the manufacturer expects to sell between 20 and 30 units a month.

The ST offers enhanced levels of performance and driving enjoyment, while maintaining the car-like ride and handling characteristics that are a hallmark of the Territory range.

This car produces 245kW of power at 5250rpm and torque is set at 480Nm at 2000rpm.

Ford has recently added convenience features on the Territory ST.

The image from the rear of the vehicle is displayed on the colour interior command centre screen immediately when reverse gear is selected.

The camera covers a wide angle view of the area behind the car.

The Ford intelligent safety system (ISS) features integrated front seat belt buckle safety features, energy management retractors, driver's seat belt usage sensors, driver's seat position sensors, dual stage inflating front airbags and a crash severity sensor.

Inflatable side curtain airbags are also standard on the Territory ST.

A diesel engine is in the pipeline, but no time frame has been given for its introduction.

The Territory ST is priced at R427890.

Vroom vroom.