Malala speaks for pessimists against Mbeki

In his column on Monday, "Remote Mbeki presides over dying dream", Justice Malala said: "South Africa in general and the ANC in particular have lost direction and purpose under his [Mbeki's] presidency."

Malala represents the worst pessimists of our time. Though I usually have great respect for him as a political analyst, this time I think Malala was way off the mark.

Under Mbeki, our country has become more focused in its policy positions and development programmes. Mbeki has been consistent in his foreign policy and development agenda.

In this regard, the president has succeeded in making people understand the need to focus our foreign policy on developing the continent. Nepad, the AU and the Pan African Parliament are all indicators that Mbeki wants the African renaissance to succeed.

At home, Mbeki has not minced his words about the war against poverty and unemployment. The ANC, all government programmes and the expanded public works programmes are all geared to eliminate these scourges. That the second-highest office, that of the deputy president, is driving Asgisa and the moral regeneration campaign, shows that the president means business.

Patriotic citizens already understand Mbeki's agenda. All South Africans must now rally behind the president.

Legodi Boshielo, Limpopo