Helping women get their groove

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

The For Women Only clinic run by women's healthcare specialist Caren Hadders is a clinic dedicated to providing a truly evolved medical and holistic service to women experiencing sexual, hormonal and intimacy difficulties.

Situated in Dunkeld West, the clinic is the first dedicated centre of excellence for women's sexual health, menopause and wellness in South Africa.

Hadders told Sowetana lot of women still don't understand their bodies. They don't talk about sex and are still not really getting exactly what they want in the bedroom.

"While some of us are simply unsatisfied, others are experiencing treatable conditions such as menopause, post-natal depression and psychological pressures," said Hadders.

Her research showed that, like men, women often undergo physical changes and challenges that lead to sexual dysfunction.

"All sexual problems with women have a physiological aspect," she said.

"There is a connection between sex and the brain when it comes to women's sexuality. Unlike women, excitement in a man starts in his groin. That is why it is easy for a man to sleep with a woman even if he does not love her."

Hadders added that women have different sexual needs than men.

"Women require different stimulation to achieve orgasm, and men, in order for women to reach gratification, must acknowledge this."

Research has shown that one in 10 women are persuaded to make love even when they don't want to - with almost as many frequently faking orgasm.

Hadders said that the majority of the women who visit the clinic suffer from painful sex and have never experienced an orgasm.

"Some women still believe sexual pleasure is something to be enjoyed by men only. We teach women that the clitoris is the organ for sexual pleasure. It needs exploration and discovery. We encourage them to play with it and do a thorough job," she said.

"We all know that sexual dysfunction leads to personal and relationship problems and therefore it is essential that these issues be treated."

One of the most important things that the clinic offers is the Sexual Dysfunction Treatment Programme.

The programme consists of six therapy sessions for individuals or couples who deal with issues such as body image, needs, the past, communication and specific sexual difficulties.

A series of workshops filled with accurate information and practical suggestions completes the programme.

"In our experience couples benefit significantly more by completing the whole program.

"When it comes to sex, good sex breeds better sex," said Hadders.

For Women Only has courses of treatment for the clinic's other specialty, menopause.

Women experiencing menopause are able to discuss and select treatments with which they are comfortable.

They are also able to minimise the debilitating effects of menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and mood swings with the team's guidance.