Nighties for a naughty Valentine

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

Do women who buy lingerie make you shudder while you secretly wish you had their guts?

Most women attest to a love-hate relationship with hot numbers, especially when they're pregnant. Showing a little skin for your lover should be easy, but for many women, nothing is as frightening as trying to look like a sex kitten.

But now Valentine's is near, and it's your chance to sizzle.

While most women will try to stick out their best assets for a dizzy three minutes before jumping under the covers, some will be getting their wishes delivered on a silver platter.

Take a friend shopping for items that say "come hither".

And instead of real wine, make believe with a flute of sparkling grape juice. La Senza offers a wide range of exclusive sexy lingerie items like bustiers, teddies, baby-doll tops, and accessories to egg on any relationship - even one that's in the doldrums.

Though pregnant women are often excluded from the list of desirable women by fashion outlets, the wide range of style offered by lingerie specialists can provide a lot of options for the creative mind.

All it takes is to know how to coordinate pieces. For instance, our stylist Iko Mash has matched flowing tops with flattering boxer-shorts, cut-bottom items.

"The colours also make a powerful statement," says Mash.

"If you go with neutral colours, make sure your make-up is on the sexy side and balance the over-the-top styled designs with muted make-up."