Gordart Gallery moves

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

The famous Melville art gallery, the Gordart Gallery, has relocated to 72 3rd Ave, Melville.

The relocation coincides with a series of new exhibitions that promise to make this year an exciting one for art lovers.

The move will be to the advantage of both art lovers and artists because the new Gordart building will house two exhibition areas and a development gallery that showcases the work of new artists.

The Gordart Gallery's Rainforest Project Room gives newly graduated art students a professional exhibition space.

Most newcomers cannot be considered by the major galleries until they have made a name for themselves.

The Rainforest Project Room means new artists are introduced to the art world and are exposed to curators and owners of major galleries.

This month sees the launch of the new space and the new website - www.gordartgallery.com.

Two shows will launch this new space.

In the main gallery, Erika Hibbert makes her long awaited return to the Johannesburg art scene with a body of work done over the past two-and-a-half years while living in Botswana.

The show promises to be a most exciting one coming as it does from such a talented and versatile artist.

The other artist, Zach Taljaard, an award-winning sculptor, will exhibit his installation that was first shown to great acclaim at the Grahamstown Festival last year.

The installation has been reworked into a show titled Appose.