Build a mountain against crime

After yet another family friend was killed by robbers last week in Tshwane, I have now also joined the struggle against violent crime.

My friend was a dedicated paramedic who spent many hours voluntarily serving all South Africans.

I would like to invite all politicians, workers, church and cultural leaders to join in the struggle against this evil.

Let us all come together and fight this social decay that is violating our human rights.

I suggest that all those who have been affected by violent crime, and those who have lost loved ones, march to the Union Buildings and place a rock there for every life lost to crime.

Let every rock symbolise our sorrow and our combined protest against the continued scourge.

Let all the rocks form a monument for the victims; a mountain of sorrow. Let us, in the spirit of Mama Tambo, show our leaders our sorrow, in the belief that they will start acting pragmatically, against thisviolence that has destroyed too many lives already.

Jaco Botha, Gauteng