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Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

There is a dire need for nation-building in mathematics, the physical sciences and technology, so Sowetan and Telkom are working with the education authorities to achieve this goal.

Sowetan and Telkom - in association with the provincial Education Departments - are staging the yearly Aggrey Klaaste Mathematics, Science and Technology Educator of the Year competition.

The competition, which started in 1998, aims to promote quality teaching in these subjects by rewarding the professional excellence of practising and retired public school teachers.

As has become usual at the beginning of each year, the sponsors and organisers of the competition met the Education Departments' coordinators to map out the way forward for the competition in the year ahead.

The issues discussed included tactics and strategies that would be likely to help improve the relevance of the competition to teaching mathematics, science and technology, and ensuring that the competition continues to inspire present and future teachers.

The provincial heats of this prestigious competition will start next week. They will feature judging sessions and awards ceremonies.

The names of the winning teachers in both the practicing and retired categories will be announced in Johannesburg on March 22.