School on course for success

VISION: Acting deputy principal, Walter Mosimanegape Mabogola. Pic. 01/02/2007. © Unknown
VISION: Acting deputy principal, Walter Mosimanegape Mabogola. Pic. 01/02/2007. © Unknown

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

"One mind, one way forward" is the new motto of Kgononyane Secondary School in North West, where 650 pupils in grades 7 to 11 failed their final examinations last year.

Acting deputy principal Walter Mosimanegape Mabogola is leading the campaign to reverse the fortunes of the school in Southey Village, Ganyesa, 70km from Vryburg.

There are seven new teachers at the school.

"To transform this school we need one vision, and no division," Mabogola said.

"What happened was unfortunate," Mabogola said. "We are determined to put it behind us and implement the plans needed to bring stability to thesituation.

"We are consulting as many people as possible to ensure the dismal failure of last year is never repeated."

Mabogola has been holding meetings with pupils, their parents, teachers and key Education Department officials to help turn Kgononyane around.

As a result, there are now committees "to look after issues including examinations, discipline, safety, sport, school uniforms and HIV-Aids".

Mabogola will ensure that the school's students' representative council, its management team and its governing body function efficiently.

All have agreed that change is essential if the school is to recover lost ground.

l No pupil is allowed to leave the school until the official end of the school day;

l Early-morning classes, classes that start after 2pm and weekend classes have been introduced, and there will be extra classes during the school holidays;

l There will be regular parents' meetings to ensure strong parental support and involvement in the school's affairs;

l The school plans to have a strong disciplinary committee.

Mabogola said Kgononyane's 31 grade 12 pupils were being motivated to work "towards a 100percent pass".

Last year of 67 grade 12 pupils, only 13 passed, a 4percent improvement on the 15percent matric pass rate in 2005.

"I want to see Kgononyane's matric pupils attain an 80percent pass rate in agriculture, history and geography; and a 100percent pass rate in languages," said Mabogola.

"It will please us to see pupils in grades 8 to 11 attaining an 80percent pass rate."

lSowetan has adopted Kgononyane Secondary as part of its commitment to the Aggrey Klaaste Nation Building Foundation.