Family asks sangoma to find loved one

Riot Hlatshwayo

An Mpumalanga family went to Limpopo this week to seek "divine intervention" from a sangoma in the hope of finding a family member.

Their relative disappeared in the Kruger National Park last December.

Tombifuthi Sibuyi, 31, of Kildare village near Mkhuhlu, was with her husband Abraham Mkhonto in the park when she needed to relieve herself.

When Sibuyi did not return, Mkhonto said he went to look for her. He said he found her clothes neatly packed in the bushes.

But Sibuyi's family do not believe Mkhonto.

"I don't buy his story. My brother-in-law must be arrested and tell the police the truth," said Sibuyi's brother, Lawrence.

"Is he suggesting a baboon stripped my sister naked and packed her clothes neatly?"

He said Mkhonto would have to accompany them to the sangoma.

When Sowetan called Mkhonto, he answered his cellphone, but as soon as he realised it was the press, he switched off his phone.