Pregnancy issues take two

When a woman becomes pregnant, she becomes the centre of attention. But more than anything else, she wants her partner to be supportive.

When her man is supportive, it lightens the woman's burden. Here are some tips to follow:

First figure out your own thoughts and feelings and then tell your partner about them.

Sharing feelings helps to deepen the relationship and to promote the health and well-being of all concerned.

Too many couples try to hide their feelings and end up unhappy and unable to communicate.

Most women want to know how their partners are feeling.

Take an interest in your partner, perhaps even more than usual.

Make time to talk and just be together but be careful not to smother her.

Be helpful around her, but don't assume total control. She might like to do things for herself.

Reassure her that you care about her and what she is going through.

If you decide not to keep the baby, tell your partner how you feel about the relationship after the abortion.

It is great if you feel love and respect for her after the procedure, but if you don't then you should be honest about how you feel.

If you hide your feelings from her you'll both end up getting hurt in the end.

If you plan on ending the relationship, tell her as soon as you are sure because she will have enough on her mind without trying to guess what is going on in your head.

Some couples have found that going through the process of deciding about the abortion has brought them closer together. Others on the other hand have found that it led to their relationship ending.

Usually, if you and your partner had a strong relationship before the procedure, it is more likely to continue afterwards.

If the relationship ends, it can be scary and sad.

But trying to make the relationship work if the feelings for each other are no longer there can be much more painful in the long term. -