Gallant Tiro's legacy must not be allowed to die

31 January 2007 - 02:00
By unknown

On February 1 1974 an assassin's parcel bomb cut short the life of Abram Onkgopotse Ramothibi Tiro - a committed cadre of the Black Consciousness Movement.

Tiro was a perfect example of an African committed to fighting injustice, greed and self-aggrandisement.

His philosophy was shaped by what he experienced in his life and he carved a liberation path for us to follow.

Though Tiro graduated with a bachelor's degree and had better life prospects than most blacks, he spurned personal glory and individual success. He chose to fight for freedom and give our country a more human face - something that many of our present leaders need desperately.

It is so sad that the memory of this gallant fighter is allowed to fade. The disappearance of Tiro's legacy will rob our youth of patriotism and selflessness. Our country needs young leaders of Tiro's calibre, who put the nation first - particularly now when young people are misled into believing that leadership is a short cut to personal wealth.

It is sad that his killers are still free. These heartless people refused Mamoleseng Tiro, his mother, her last request to the TRC for them to come clean and be forgiven. She died a sad woman. Tiro's peers, followers, colleagues and ideological family are hurt that he and other patriots have become mere statistics in the freedom fight.

Dan Habedi

Azapo secretary-general