Why, of all cultures, are we the ones criticised?

Africans have always been told how to dress, walk and talk. The apartheid regime even told us how many children to have. The media drew pictures for us and those despicable and uneducated whites preferred to shelter their dogs while their gardeners and domestic workers were treated with disdain. And yet we continue to apologise to white racists.

I listened to a black presenter on a national radio station who said he agreed with the SPCA. He had no idea what he was talking about. I felt my world crumbling because of this uninformed presenter. These blacks are responsible for perpetuating culturally and traditionally ignorant generations.

Whites and so-called black intellectuals who still regard black life as inferior should start respecting African culture.

What Tony Yengeni did is a cultural responsibility and how Africans communicate with God, Modimo, Xamatha, Modzimo and so on.

We talk about constitutional rights and freedom of expression and having the right to criticise, but why do people criticise what they do not understand?

Why is the SPCA imposing itself on our way of life?

I would like to leave you with a quote to understand and accommodate those who are different to you: "What you are is a gift from God, but what you become is a gift to God."

John L Morapama

artist, writer, producer