Trial is a blessing, says DJ

Thembela Khamango

Thembela Khamango

Tumultuous cheering from a chanting and placard-wielding crowd greeted alleged fraudster, popular Lesedi FM DJ Thuso Motaung, and his wife Mmamotha Motaung, when they left the Johannesburg commercial crimes court yesterday.

Motaung, 47, his wife, Mmamotha, 39, and their co-accused, businessman, Joshua Ramme, 38, are facing charges of fraud for allegedly cheating the SABC out of R32million.

The husband and wife allegedly used their daily radio slots to promote a food supplement in which they had vested interests.

They allegedly also used the broadcaster's logo without authorisation.

The three were arrested last month after a year-long investigation by police and the SABC.

They face 17 charges that include fraud, corruption, copyright infringement and money laundering.

They were each granted bail of R100000 and the case was postponed until March 9.

The court heard from Ramme's attorney that his client was still trying to raise the money for his bail.

Ramme remains in custody.

When the Motaungs left the packed courtroom, they were welcomed by a cheering crowd wearing T-shirts bearing the slogan: "We support Thuso and Mmamotha".

Outside the court, Motaung said his experience had taught him about a number of things and that it was a blessing in disguise because he now knew who his real friends were.

Asked what he thought of his co-workers who had turned against him and would testify for the state, he said: "I pray for my co-workers not to go through what I am going through with my wife.

"But they are still my friends."

One of his supporters, James Mofokeng, said he would support the Motaungs throughout the trial and afterwards come what may.

The couple left the court building in a luxury black 7-series BMW.