Get pulled through your nose

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

It's 8.15pm. You are admiring the auditorium filled with theatre lovers.

The packed house is patiently waiting for something to happen. And suddenly it does. No dimming of the lights to gently lead you in. No tedious cellphone reminder.

You are simply thrust back into your seat by an opening scene with a man shouting. Born Thru the Nose has begun.

You hope that the show will keep you enthralled. It does, big time.

Born Thru the Nose is an exciting theatre piece running at the Market Theatre, Newtown. It opened on Friday.

Created by Greig Coetzee and Bheki Mkhwane, BornThru the Nose is another abstract, enriching piece of theatre that confronts our mistakes. Mkhwane, an experienced writer, once again shines.

Born Thru The Nose tells the story of Caiphus Majozi - a modern young man who has climbed the ladder of success in the new democratic South Africa.

He is a successful businessman. The first blessing of his marriage is on its way. The future looks promising for the modern couple. But suddenly something happens that threatenseverything.

Fortunately, Caiphus has a grandmother who always guides him when he is lost.

He is thrown in at the deep end and is caught between two worlds: the rich traditional world of his cultural heritage and the modern world of science.

This show is not to be missed.