ANC takes black voters for granted

April 27 is just around the corner and there will be countrywide celebrations marking the 13th anniversary of our young democracy.

Painfully, the celebrations are meaningless to the multitudes who feel they are no better off more than a decade later. Perhaps the new ANC leadership to be elected in December will give us black voters a sense of hope.

Failures during the Mbeki presidency have been exacerbated by the death of opposition politics because of the racially-inspired opposition under Tony Leon. His departure signals renewed vigour to give the opposition real purpose.

Leon disputed just about anything the government did or said. Right or wrong, he pushed blacks further away from the DA by needlessly attacking the government.

The ANC has blundered big-time in 13 years, but it believes it will be in power for a few more decades. It's up to black voters, the majority, to change the status quo.

We will not desert it or give our votes away. It is this relation that makes the ANC take black voters for granted.

Good men, including Joe Seremane, must wrestle the DA presidency, for an alternative to the ANC. The ANC will continue exploiting its relationship with the poor while enticing us with empty promises.

Percy Sepaela, Indermark