Pristine used VW Golf has looks, power

l 2004 VW Golf 2,0 TDi Sport

l 2004 VW Golf 2,0 TDi Sport

l Price: R169990

l Mileage: 83000km

l Colour: Silver

l Motorplan: Remainder of three-year-100000km factory warranty

Charl Wilken

Volkswagen has proved that it is not an amateur in the game of diesel cars.

It seems VW knows how to get it right.

It was hard to swallow that this is indeed a 2004 model with 83000km on the clock. The car is in pristine condition.

VW is one of the top sellers of turbo diesel cars in this segment of the market and it is not difficult to see why.

The 2litre turbo-charged diesel powerplant develops an impressive 103kW and a massive 320Nm of torque.

This engine, coupled with VW's well-known, smooth six-speed gearbox, which feeds power to the front wheels, ensures a comfortable yet sporty ride.

Even in diesel guise, the VW Golf is no slouch and the 0-100kmh sprint will take you less than 10 seconds. The car's top speed is 200kmh.

With this exceptional performance comes even better fuel economy. The VW Golf shows fuel consumption of 6,6litres for 100km. This means that, if you are driving sensibly, a range of more than 830km can be reached on a full 55litre tank.

Driving and parking this car is made very easy because of its relatively small driving circle.

The VW Golf is practical when you are going on holiday, despite being a hatchback. The boot space is more than big enough to take two or three medium suitcases, and the engine is powerful enough to carry the entire load with passengers.

The feeling in the cabin is of quality. For a used car, the interior is looks almost new and the body work is in excellent condition

Our used test car was equipped with black leather seats, which are still in a very good condition. The gear knob and steering wheel are also covered in leather.

There are nice chrome inserts on the door openers and in the middle console.

The Golf comes with six airbags, ABS brakes that will stop you safely in all conditions and bi-xenon headlights for better visibility on the road.

The sporty eight-spoke alloy wheels are fitted with 205/55 R16 Continental tyres, which will be good for another 10000km.

Luxury features include climate control, sunroof, front-loading CD player, electric windows, power steering, trip computer and central locking with alarm.

At R169990, almost R60000 less than a new car, we believe this VW Golf is a great buy.

It comes with the remainder of a three-year-100000km factory warranty.

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