'Greed led to ATM loot death'

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

Moses Sibiya, the Limpopo security guard who died after fighting with a colleague for leftover loot from an ATM blast, could still be alive were it not for his greed.

Frans Malatjie, a petrol attendant at the filling station where the explosion occurred, said yesterday that had Sibiya agreed to share the money the robbers had left behind with his colleague, he would still be alive.

Sibiya, 36, died on Monday morning in Kgapane Hospital from third-degree burns.

It is alleged a fellow guard had thrown burning paraffin over him during a fight over the money.

The money had been abandoned by four thieves who had blown up a Standard Bank ATM at a filling station in GaMaphalle village in Bolobedu early on Sunday.

The thieves made off with an undisclosed amount of money, but left some behind.

"Though I was not there when they fought, I believe Sibiya would be alive had greed not taken over," said Malatjie.

"I heard the two guards arguing and the next thing I heard a gunshot from the room they shared. Sibiya came running out with his clothes on fire," Malatjie said.

He said he immediately grabbed a fire extinguisher to help. Other villagers poured water over Sibiya's body.

Police said Sibiya's attacker had been charged with murder.