Fast-paced read is full of heroes

Book: The Double Eagle

Book: The Double Eagle

Author: John Twining

Publisher: Harper Collins

Reviewer: Nthabisang Moreosele

This book brings back memories of my high school fictional heroes and heroines.

There is a stylish cat-burglar, Tom Kirk, in the mode of The Saint, coupled with an FBI agent, Jennifer Browne, who has touches of Modesty Blaise. The arch villain, Cassius, is a mystery figure who escapes in the end. Perhaps there is a sequel in the making right now.

The US government discovers that rare coins in its stronghold at Fort Knox are missing. The government kingpins blackmail Tom Kirk into helping them recover the coins and forestall a scandal that might tear the nation apart.

The adventure plays out in all the glamorous spots of Europe in fast-paced action. There is a strong suspicion that the book was written with Hollywood film rights in mind.

Though the storyline staggers here and there, it is an enjoyable read and is not over the top. It gives the reader a glimpse into the minds of fanatical collectors and the desperate ends they will go to to own a rare piece of art.

There is a small South African presence. Mercenaries have given the US authors new fodder for their tales.