Da Zuma Code is a must for editorial cartoon fans

Book: Da Zuma Code

Book: Da Zuma Code

Author: Zapiro

Publisher: Double Storey

Reviewer: Sifiso Yalo

Jacob Zuma has finally joined the likes of Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Madam & Eve in the world of famed cartoon characters.

This cartoon character and 2006 Newsmaker of the Year created by the ever prolific cartoonist Zapiro is a victim of his wrong and right doing, every editorial cartoonist's dream.

For Zapiro this is the second book on Msholozi in a row called Da Zuma Code, a parody from the book and movie The Da Vinci Code.

This is cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro's 10th book of his Zapiro collection and is without a doubt a must-have for editorial cartoon lovers out there.

It is a treasure filled with great humour and amazing insight into South African politics and the world alike, drawn in an uncompromising way with a sharp pen and black ink.

As with most of Zapiro's books, he covers almost everything from Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang's failure to deliver Aids drugs, to French riots and China's dominance of the fabric industry.

But each and every third day there is a Zuma cartoon - from the infamous shower Aids cue to corruption, the suspected smear campaign on Zuma and lawsuits.

Zapiro goes all out trying to crack Da Zuma code and does not cease to amaze.

The Zuma code is still a mysterious one and promises lots of intrigue and political drama as the ANC prepares for the biggest sit-down in a year's time to determine who will be its next president.

Before or after that I would not be surprised to see Da Zuma Code - Part 2, which might be more or less the start or the end of this famed cartoon character.

This book is proof that we can always count on Zapiro to dish out scathing punch lines.