Short history of the Boeremag

Waghied Misbach

Waghied Misbach

The Boeremag are white supremacists with ambitions to take over the country by force and start a new state ruled by whites.

With the advent of democracy it was thought that the white supremacists would go away and learn to live with their hatred of blacks, Muslims and anything foreign. But it was not to be.

The activities of the Boeremag first came to light in 2001 when a senior SANDF officer was contacted by a member of the group and given details of a plan to take over the country.

The police and other crime-fighting agencies launched Operation Zealot in May 2001 and by October that year had raided farms of suspects and sympathisers.

Further documentation on how the Boeremag planned to take over the country were found in the raids.

In 2002, the police found a truck in the North West town of Lichtenburg packed with military equipment, food, guns and ammunition.

In October 2002, one person died when eight bomb blasts took place in Soweto.

The Boeremag went public sending messages in Afrikaans to the media that they were intent on removing the ANC from power and that the country was in a "state of war".

They called themselves the Interim Government of the South African Boer Republic.

A month later the police raided 94 farms and arrested suspects and possible co-conspirators.

In 2003, the Boeremag trial started in the Pretoria high court.

However it was continually delayed by the suspects who complained about living conditions in the communal cells.

They were later allowed to stay in single cells.