Feisty fashion mogul had big impact on fans

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful met the news of the death of adored soapie star Darlene Conley with shock.

The 72-year-old, who has played the part of Sally Spectra since 1988 on the US soap opera, died of stomach cancer on Sunday night.

To many of her fans, the news of her death is unbelievable.

Kedibone Mkhabela, of local soapie Muvhango, said she does not trust the reports.

"Darlene Conley is not dying material.

"I've been her fan since I was 12. I enjoyed her character as Sally Spectra. She mastered her part very well," Mkhabela said.

"Sally was a crazy woman with strong willpower.

"Her character taught me that if you want something badly enough you must go for it."

Mkhabela said Sally had her own way of doing things to make sure that she survived in the fashion industry.

"I loved to think of myself as a young fashion designer and Sally has taught me not to give up, no matter how big my opponents.

"She was our international Queen Moroka."

Chippa Mangena, who also grew up watching The Bold and the Beautiful, praised Conley's acting skills. He said she was a character everyone loved to hate.

"She did a great job. She was very believable."

Singer and actor Mara Louw said the death of Conley meant nothing to her.

"I am not a 'Bold and the Bulls#*t' fan. The soap is not relevant to me. I don't see why I must comment about someone who did not add value to my life," she said.

"She did not even know me. I am 100percent sure that Conley did not watch Muvhango. Why must I bother myself about her?"

Sally Spectra is a woman who lives life in the large. For many years, she owned Spectra Fashions and made a hobby of stealing designs from the Forrester firm.

Her relationships with the Forrester family were confusing. She had a crush on Eric Forrester. Her daughter, Macy Alexander, was married to Thorne Forrester. For years she fought with Stephanie Forrester but is now considered part of the extended family.

Sally had some medical problems recently, which caused her to be confined to a wheelchair.

It is reported that this was because of a leg injury that Darlene Conley suffered.