How to get money for studies

Kamogelo Seekoei

Kamogelo Seekoei

Millions are distributed to tertiary educational institutions every year, but thousands of students have no hope of studying further because they have no money.

The easiest way to get access to the millions, advises the National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), is to apply through an institution.

"We give all public institutions money every year and our main aim is to educate as many people as possible," said Xolani Gobelo, head of communications at NSFAS.

He said prospective students "should know that there is a financial aid office at every institution and that is where they will find help".

There are private donors who can fund students at institutions. Students just have to apply.

Gobelo said the NSFAS uses a formula to determine how much money to allocate to each institution.

Institutions use a test to allocate money to students.

Students are advised to bring their ID, that of their parents, proof of income or an affidavit stating absence of formal income.