Our leaders are selfish, greedy

I am concerned about all the fuss over Schabir Shaik's health.

I am concerned about all the fuss over Schabir Shaik's health.

The country has so many prisons that are full of very sick prisoners so why is Shaik's health more special than theirs? Why should he get kid-glove treatment? He broke the law, was convicted and now he must serve his sentence.

Our constitution is one of the best in the world but if Shaik is freed, it will increase the crime statistics in South Africa.

It does not matter how much money he has or how many influential friends, for that matter. The most important thing is that nobody is above the law.

Most people representing us, even those in the government, are not scandal-free.

Patriotism, willingness to serve, commitment and the love of what you do are the most important values in everything that one does. Unfortunately, our leaders do not have these values and they do not have the county's best interests at heart.

As long as their bank accounts have millions of rands and their families are well taken care of by taxpayers, they're happy. They don't care about us, but when elections take place we get their empty promises.

I am really tired of these selfish, greedy people.

M Masango, Johannesburg