'Landless people will use violence to reclaim their ground'

Kingdom Mabuza

Kingdom Mabuza

Predominately black organisations, the PAC and Azapo, have warned that the war between farmers and residents willcontinue unless the government deals with the land issue.

Residents who were born and raised on the land of a farm killed Kenneth Lionel Eva on Tuesday in resistance to Eva's attempts to evict them.

PAC secretary-general Cameron Tabane said the government has to amend the constitution to allow legal means to return land to rightful owners.

"There has to be a commission to properly administer a process of returning land to its owners. A judicial process frustrates Africans because it takes long and people cannot afford legal costs," Tabane said.

Azapo's secretary-general Dan Habedi said the government should reopen the restitution process because people who continue to be landless would use acts of violence to reclaim their land.

"In effect people were forced to accept that their land has been taken away, and that in itself frustrates them," he said.