Kids as young as 11 run amok

Lenyaro Sello

Lenyaro Sello

Twelve years into democracy, New Comet Primary School in Boksburg is experiencing "racial" attacks from white children as young as 11.

In six weeks, the former JM Louw Primary School has been burgled, "Kaffirs" was written on the walls, and books, computers and TVs were stolen. Desks and chairs were vandalised and windows were broken.

Danny Moyo, a school governing body member, said their problems began when they were moved from their old premises to the current one.

"It seems the community is not happy with the change. This is a waste of time for our children because the year has begun and they don't have books and equipment because of such actions."

According to another school governing body member, Merriam Mafanga, the school has opened a case of housebreaking against five white children between the ages of 11 and 14.

"They scaled the fence and broke the window panes with stones. Why would such small children do such things. Where were their parents?" asked Mafanga.

"On the first day of school, pupils do not have textbooks and will face a difficult year.

"The school houses 600 pupils and the shortage of books and other equipment is going to badly effect the institution."

Satanic marks drawn on the hall's floor have raised concern about safety and security at the school.

"We don't know what the perpetrators are planning next," said Mafanga.