Dad tumbles in school rumble

Getrude Makhafola

Getrude Makhafola

The Reverend Sam Ramosa saw red when his daughter was expelled, so he went to the school to sort it out - and came away swollen and bruised.

"They ordered me to leave and, before I could reason with them, the security guard at the school was all over me.

"He pulled me, punched me and kicked me. I imagine that he was as big as a nightclub bouncer. I am a very tiny man. I came out with a torn shirt, a swollen face and a sore body," said Ramosa.

The incident happened at the Cornerstone College in Pretoria on Tuesday. The school refused to allow Ramosa's daughter, Boitumelo, to return this year.

They said her contract had been terminated and she would not be able to write matric at the school this year.

Ramosa, a popular commissioning editor for religious programmes at the SABC, said all he wanted was an explanation for his daughter's rejection.

"The mistake I made was to speak up against their policies," said Ramosa.

He said children were being treated shabbily at the school.

He said pupils were punished unnecessarily and sometimes locked out of classes and tests.

He said his relationship with the school was not good.

He has laid a charge of assault at the Silverton police station.

"There was no need for them to use violence," he said.

Ramosa said his daughter was given a list of schools to which she could apply for admission.

He said none of the schools was willing to accommodate a grade 12 pupil.

Robert Hurlin, the school's director, said the school offered only one-year contracts to students.

They are renewable every year.

He said the school could terminate a contract after a review.

"First of all, the reverend was uncooperative.

"We tried everything possible - including warnings - for his abusive behaviour when approaching us.

"If we do not have the cooperation of the parent we really cannot educate their child," Hurlin said.

He said it was Ramosa who was aggressive and that they had had to call a security guard to escort him from the school premises.

"We also laid a counter-charge of assault against him at the same police station.

"I have a responsibility to my staff and I can't allow them to be exposed to that kind abuse," Hurlin said.