They get to meet at last, the look-alikes who nearly ruined a marriage

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

A photograph of a look-alike bridegroom nearly ruined the wedding of another man.

Only quick action by the soon-to-be-hitched Soweto man saved his impending marriage.

Pulumo Mathibeli, a plastics technician, got engaged to trainee police constable Moleboheng Mosia, of Bloemfontein, last September. He had to run helter-skelter to prove to his fiancee that he is not Philemon Ntshala of Diepkloof, who married Anastacia Thulare on December 16.

The muddle started when the wedding picture of Ntshala and Thulare was published in Sowetan's popular Happy People column on January 4.

The Ntshala's happiness, however, turned the world of Mosia and Mathibeli upside down.

Pulumo looks exactly like Philemon, and his fiancee was adamant that it was Mathibeli in the picture. Faced with this dilemma, Pulumo pitched up at Sowetan offices first thing on Monday to clear the air.

"I am the one who called my fiancee on Thursday morning when I saw that Philemon Ntshala bore a striking resemblance to me," Mathibeli said.

"When Moleboheng saw the newspaper, she was very shocked and she was convinced it was me and believed that I had married another woman behind her back. My desperate explanations did not calm her."

"I know that deep down she is convinced that I am the person who got married," a desperate Mathibeli told Sowetan.

And to make matters worse, even his own mother is convinced that the man in the Happy People wedding picture is her son.

"My mother told me that she can't explain it because the man in the picture is exactly like me.

"I have not told my father. I am afraid that, just like my mother, he will insist that his son has married another woman."

When Sowetan contacted her, Mosia laughed and asked this reporter to look at the picture again and tell her whether the man in the picture is not her fiance.

She said he is a carbon copy of her husband-to-be.

"But I am now convinced that it is not him and our marriage plans are going ahead. It took me a long time to look at the picture carefully. I checked out all the smallest details. I'm not taking a chance," she said and laughed.