How can anyone believe that God is a Bucs supporter or backs the champ?

You could say I am possessed by the devil.

You could say I am possessed by the devil.

My grandmother, bless her soul, would go on her knees and pray for the evil forces devouring my soul to let go of me so that I could imbibe of the Holy Spirit.

Fast forward: a couple of weeks ago I sat in front of the TV watching a boxing match featuring a local fighter I idolised as a child. After knocking the socks off his opponent and making him kiss the turf, my idol told an interviewer: "God is on my side, He loves me."

That day he lost me as a fan.

Somebody help me. Perhaps the devil is really playing havoc with me, but I fail to see why God would choose sides when his children are playing.

The implication is that God is against your opponent, which is cock 'n bull.

A simple analogy should make this clear: your children are playing and one of them comes up to you to say: "Please, please, Pa, I beg you, help me beat my brother."

I was raised in a God-fearing home and was force-fed religious instruction for years. Those who know me will tell you that I am a fairly spiritual fellow who tries to raise my kids the way I was brought up.

But my small mind fails to understand why anyone could possibly think the Almighty has his favourites on the playing field.

When a boxer enters the ring, scowling and chewing on his mouth guard, casting a look of hate at his opponent in the opposite corner, he can't imagine God is thinking: "I am behind you all the way, my son. We are going to beat him senseless today."

The way I see it, God is too busy with serious stuff to be bothered about who of his children scores more goals than the other.

A good God cannot see any of his children as his opponents. But lately, even some soccer teams are beginning to claim they will crush the opposition because God is on their side.

Good Lord.

There is a clear distinction between thanking God for a victory, and a straight-faced plea to him to take your side.

I can't imagine a Pirates emblem engraved on the gates of heaven.

For goodness sake, go to gym, prepare well, do your best and keep the Almighty out of it.

A few years ago I wrote about the same subject and an incensed reader who obviously takes her religion on high grade called in to preach salvation to me.

Maybe the demons are, indeed, playing games with my mind.