Council chaos threatens local authority

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

In-fighting at the BaPhalaborwa municipality is driving the local authority to the brink of paralysis.

Officials say the suspension last year of municipal manager Isaiah Nyathi has almost brought the Mopani district council to a halt.

But it is not only Nyathi's suspension that's causing chaos in the Limpopo local authority.

Disaster management clerk James Bayane's promotion, to the higher post of director of community services, is also fuelling the havoc.

And former director of community services Anderson Mdunungu's nomination, to become acting municipal manager, is also ruffling feathers.

Some officials have accused management of "splashing" out municipal positions to friends and unsuitable colleagues.

They allege that Bayane is suing the municipality and its former mayor, Moses Mkhabela, for damages amounting to R100000.

In 2003 the council dismissed Bayane and another council employee, Martha Malebati,for refusing to be deployed.

They lost their CCMA case, but were reinstated after an apology.

Some officials, believed to be in Nyathi's camp, have threatened to plunge the administration into further turmoil if Bayane and Malebati's positions are not revoked.

Mayor Gloria Valoyi yesterday confirmed Nyathi's suspension.

Nyathi yesterday said he had first heard of his suspension in the media. He would not comment further.