On streets because husband sold house

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

A KwaMashu granny and her two sons spent last night on the streets because her husband has sold their home of 19 years.

Hlongani Nxumalo, 62, and her husband, Philemon Nxumalo, a former policeman, were married in 1984.

Nxumalo said everything was fine until a few years ago, when her husband accused her of plotting to murder him.

"He accused me of trying to kill him because I was jealous of his new girlfriend. But at no stage had I confronted him about her.

"I did not even know he had a girlfriend until he accused me of plotting his murder."

She said that after the argument her husband brought his girlfriend to their home and in 2001 went to live with her.

"He didn't even say goodbye. He just took his belongings and left.I was unemployed. We struggled but we survived," Nxumalo sobbed.

For five years the family did not hear from her husband. Then, on December 26, he came back.

"He said he came to fetch us to live with him in his new home in KwaMaphumulo. We refused to go because we don't know anyone there and we can't stay with his girlfriend," Hlongani Nxumalo said.

"He left, but said we would regret not accepting his offer."

On Monday, a man arrived at Hlongani Nxumalo's home and said he was the new owner of the house. He had papers confirming that he had bought it.

Philemon Nxumalo said he told the family that he had sold the house.

"I could no longer afford to pay the bond."

Nxumalo said he would accommodate his family, but his wife said she would not live with him.