Widow says cops made her confess she killed her husband

Thembela Khamango

Thembela Khamango

The widow of Avhatakali Netshisaulu, the murdered son of City Press editor Mathatha Tsedu, applied for bail at the Krugersdorp magistrates' court last week

In opposing Mulalo Sivhidzo's bail plea, the investigating officer, Inspector Mokebe Madibo, told the court she was flight risk.

He also told the court that:

lSivhidzo arrived quickly at the murder scene and immediately started screaming and shouting, asking police and fire-fighters where her husband was;

lAt the time the car was in flames and she was told that there was nobody in the car. But, her focus remained fixed on the burning car;

lWhen the flames diminished, she told the police that her husband was in the boot. Police then discovered her husband's body;

lThough the body was burnt beyond recognition, Sivhidzo burst out crying and said: "I don't have a husband anymore."

Madibo also said that Sivhidzo's claim that the police had not helped her when she contacted them was untrue.

"Police cars were dispersed around Honeydew [to search for the hijacked vehicle] while she went straight to Muldersdrift, where the vehicle had been abandoned.

The state charges that the murder was planned by Sivhidzo and another accused, Ntambudzeni Mutsenene, 29, months before the murder was committed.

Sivhidzo's lawyer, Ace Ndou, read out her affidavit, which claimed that the reason she confessed to killing her husband was because she had been assaulted by the police officers interrogating her.

lHer bail hearing continues on January 19.

She will also appear on January 18 with her five co-accused.