The show goes on in 2007 showbiz world

Thought 2006 was a wacky year in showbiz? Who'd have thought 12 months ago than we'd be talking about a year when Madonna adopted an African orphan, Mel Gibson racially attacked a Jewish cop, and Britney Spears had another baby, but dumped K-Fed and hooked up with party pal Paris Hilton.

We reckon 2007 is going to be even more spectacular, with more surprise romances, bitter divorces and stacks and stacks of scandal and controversy.

We've come up with some predictions for the year ahead - and hooked up with bookmaker William Hill to see just how likely they are.

You can bet on almost anything happening - from Britney and Kevin reuniting to Guy and Madonna splitting and J-Lo getting back together with Ben Affleck - and you'd be surprised how possible they really are.

We reckon 2007 will be packed with love matches and the celebrity stork will be rushed off its feet delivering showbiz babies.

Michael Jackson was one of 2006's celebrity car crashes - he's not pretty, but you can't stop yourself looking. We're bound to see more of him in the next year and who knows what surprises he'll have up his sleeve.

William Hill is offering 25/1 on Jacko moonwalking down the aisle in 2007.

If you think Britney Spears will find love again, why not put money on the pop princess marrying again this year - at 20/1.

If you fancy yourself a gambler, you could back her to remarry Kevin Federline at 33/1.

Our other favourite celeb case of beauty and the beast - Kate Moss and Pete Doherty - carried on their will-they won't-they love match last year.

We think you should smash your piggy bank and remortgage your house to bet on them marrying and having their first child. If they manage it in 2007, you'll win at odds of 20/1.

If you are looking for safer bets and more likely outcomes, back Prince William to marry long-term love Kate Middleton at 3/1, or Charlotte Church to marry Gavin Henson at 2/1.

You won't make your fortune on these pairings, but they've been together for centuries in showbiz terms, and it's only so long before Wills inducts Kate into the royal family and rugby star Gavin scores a try with Charlotte.

Another top showbiz prediction is Kate Hudson to get engaged to Owen Wilson at 8/1. They're not officially together, but reportedly fell head over heels on the set of You, Me and Dupree.

There will be plenty of babies on the way over the next 12 months.

Test your celebrity radar and pick the star you think is most likely to become a mum at these odds: J-Lo and Marc Anthony in 2007 - 1/1. The bookies reckon this is a dead cert and you'll only double your money.

Charlotte Church to announce she is pregnant with Gavin's baby - 6/1.

She recently claimed she's not ready for motherhood, but a year is a long time in showbiz-land.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to buy a Namibian orphanage - 10/1.

They fell in love with the African country when baby Shiloh was born there and are keen to adopt again.

For every heart-warming tale comes betrayal and heartbreak in equal measure.

We've polished up our celebrity crystal ball and made some predictions for you.

J-Lo to split from Marc Anthony and get back together with Ben Affleck - 33/1. As unlikely as this sounds, stranger things have happened.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to divorce in 2007 - 6/1.

They are the hottest Hollywood couple at the moment after spectacular wedding ceremonies in Italy and Los Angeles last year - but with odds like this, someone somewhere thinks their love won't last.

There have been no shortage of rumours about TomKat - that their marriage was arranged, that baby Suri isn't really Tom's. Could they be true?

Madonna and Guy Ritchie to break up this year - 6/1. There were rumours last year that their marriage may not last another 12 months.

David and Victoria Beckham to split - 6/1.

He is rumoured to have a wandering eye and hands - but will they jeopardise Brand Beckham by going their separate ways after eight years together?

Kate Middleton to run off with Prince Harry - 1000/1. You might think this is a joke, but take a look at the Royal Family over the last 20 years.

What will 2007 bring for the entertainment world? Who will top the charts, make surprise, starring cameos? We have the answers for you.

Daniel Craig to win best actor at the Oscars for Casino Royale - 33/1. He has wowed critics and fans of the famous superspy franchise after taking over from Pierce Brosnan as James Bond - but will he be the first 007 to win an Oscar?

Spice Girls to reform and release an album of new material - 12/1. These are great odds for the four-piece who once vowed never to reunite, but are beginning to waver as their solo careers turn to dust.

K-Fed to reach number one in the UK charts in 2007 - 25/1.

Michael Jackson to release an album of new material - 12/1. He's back in the public eye and with Jacko nothing is impossible.

Charlotte Church to land a role in a Hollywood blockbuster - 33/1. The Welsh songbird has conquered everything else, so why not.

Tom Cruise to make no films in 2007 - 16/1 At these odds, this could be worth a gamble.

Tom has only managed one movie a year for the past three decades - and his last effort, Mission: Impossible 3, was a flop.

Now he's married and spends more and more time dedicating himself to Scientology, will he have time for movies? - WENN