Ban marriage between people of the same sex

Homosexuality is wrong. This is not a judgment, but plain truth.

Homosexuality is wrong. This is not a judgment, but plain truth.

Can someone please define homosexuality as something else, but not a marriage because marriage is the coming together of two people, a male and female.

According to God, homosexuality is a sin and Christianity prohibits it. The book of Genesis 2:24 explains why a man has to leave his parents and join his wife, not a man, in marriage.

The book of Genesis 1:27-28 also states that God created human beings in his own image. He created male and female, then blessed them and said they must multiply, be fruitful, fill the earth and govern it.

But it seems this country's rulers have imbibed the immoral traits of the decadent West. I think they are doing this to "earn respect" from their European and American counterparts for being the most progressive country on the African continent.

The problem is that this country has many bills of rights, but not a single bill of responsibility.

I will not be surprised if they are considering to legalise so-called marriage between human beings and their pets, like in Holland.

The day is approaching when we all are going to be punished because we are fighting God. It is time the Christian society condemns this evil spirit that wants to destroy our beloved country.

Eric Makhalemele

Mashaeng (Mantsere)