ANC Youth League leadership a bunch of hotheads

The ANC Youth League is out of order.

The ANC Youth League is out of order.

The purging of provincial leaders and structures is an indication that the organisation is a law unto itself or wants to be seen as such.

The entire leadership of the league should be disbanded.

Our country is a democracy where everyone has a right to be heard.

By refusing people an opportunity to air their views, the league has fallen prey to dictators of proportions much worse than those of the Mugabe regime.

What transpired at the meeting last week called by the national leadership in the Eastern Cape is an indication that people are tired of being dictated to by a bunch of hotheads.

How on earth can you get rid of people based on a difference of opinions?

Let all the provincial structures come together and stop the putrefaction created by power-hungry individuals within the league.

The assertion by the ANC that the youth league is a structure on its own and should sort out its own mess is hogwash.

The mere fact that it is under the tutelage of the ANC means that it must be held accountable for its deeds.

It is about time that the ANC made a serious attempt to stop the rot within its ranks and enforced some discipline.

And anyway, a "youth league" should by its very nature be composed of young people. These badly behaved people are too old to be there.

Abram Nkosi, Phola Park