More racism charges filed against SAPS

Mthetho Ndoni

Mthetho Ndoni

The first report regarding racism in the SAPS has been submitted to the Human Rights Commission.

In this report it was charged that non-black members of the force were being discriminated against.

However, on Monday the civil rights union AfriForum, established by the trade union Solidarity, said another 21 cases of racism could be added to the original charge.

It said that various new sources from all over the country had come forward after the publication last week of AfriForum's comprehensive report.

In this report it was concluded that members of the police trade union, Pocru, were heading a campaign against non-black members.

Popcru spokesperson Boiki Tsedu rejected the allegations, saying no campaign of that nature was taking place.

He urged Solidarity not to make false statements.

Chief executive of AfriForum, Kallie Kriel, said the additional examples of racism in the police made it necessary for AfriForum to produce a sequel report.