Shoes maketh a man, 'tis said

Shoes maketh a man. It's actually true that some women look at a man's shoes before looking at him.

Shoes maketh a man. It's actually true that some women look at a man's shoes before looking at him.

Women associate a man's substance with his choice of shoes because guys are notorious for making the most laughable footwear faux pas.

Guys tend to emulate what they see on music videos and at prestigious events without consideration for their own regular image.

The secret is not to depend on one pair to save your skin on every occasion. Just as there is a time for everything, there are shoes for every occasion.

Fortunately, because most men's shoes are comfortable and offer durability, men don't have to shop for too many pairs. They need about five pairs, not all black, and that should cover the wardrobe for the year.

Below is a list of shoes every wardrobe needs and why.

l Leather thongs. You need these for comfort, casual style and versatility. Wear them with capri pants, casual pants, cargo pants, jeans and most casual outfits. Brown accentuates the quality. Black removes this important element of thongs. Thongs make most feet look sexier. They look good in the garden, on the beach, at a braai, in the park, at the pool and at home.

l Leather or suede slip-ons. These used to sell like hot cakes until the ugly comos - mostly known as Carvella - shoes took over. Men with style favour them because they make feet look nice and athletic, the opposite of what the comos do. Great with casual suits, jeans and capri and cargo pants.

l Suede and leather sneakers. Because of their ever compliable nature, sneakers should be one of your prime wardrobe assets. Invest in a pair of trendy, good- quality sneakers that will enhance both casual and smart-casual outfits. Go for a combination of earthy colours. They are good with jeans, capri pants, cargo pants, linen pants, drawstring pants and tracksuits. Creative men wear sneakers with linen suits too.

l Ankle boots. My favourite. All they require is creative co-ordination. They look exquisite with suits and formal pants but also go very well with jeans and most smart-casual clothes. These seasonal all-rounders do wonders for an elegant outfit. They don't have to be black because the array of colours is too wide to worry about them not matching some outfits.

l Formal shoes. The cream of the crop because of their attitude, tone and substance. For elegant outfits only and to wear at weddings, the July handicap, the J&B Met and music awards.

Every wardrobe needs a grand pair for special occasions.

But make sure they are not so trendy that their life-span is ridiculously short for the money you paid for them.