Successful secrets to a truly fulfilling life

Book: Secrets of Success

Book: Secrets of Success

Author: Marko Saravanja

Publisher: Regenesys

Reviewer: Victor Mecoamere

Common elements of self-motivation manuals, presentations and tutorials include vision, innovation, courage, self-discipline, self-confidence, creativity, motivation, perseverance, time management, creativity and positivity.

Most motivational speakers, authors, psychologists and other life and career-improvement strategists and experts will exhort you to be self-motivated, visionary in dealing with your life or career challenges, creative in turning failure into success and employing courage in the face of mammoth tasks.

Others will tell you that as far as self-confidence and self-discipline go, no critic is bigger, no mountain is higher, and that, with motivation, no goal is impossible. They will urge you to learn to manage your time well to attain certain elusive life targets and, above all, to remain positive against all the odds.

Others will relate stories of people who succeeded against all the odds to illustrate that perseverance is one of the many secrets of success.

Marko Saravanja has gone the extra mile. He has assembled 52 secrets of success and among them are, believe it or not - altruism, enthusiasm, emotional and spiritual intelligence, compassion, gratitude, flexibility, decisiveness, excellence, honesty, love and speed.

On altruism, Saravanja, the chief executive of the Regenesys School of Management, says: "Altruistic actions lead to success. All great leaders were altruists - they worked genuinely for the wellbeing of others. And they became great because of others.

"Altruism is about selfless behaviour, benevolence, generosity and compassion in action. True altruism is when the motivation for helping others comes out of one's own heart - and not because of an expectation that a favour will be returned. True altruism is anonymous."

Saravanja says selfish behaviour is driven by negative energy and leads to contraction, narrow-mindedness and misery.

"Altruistic behaviour generates positive energy and leads to freedom, expansion and happiness.''

This is a simple book. Under each heading is a description and an explanation of the heading, and then an affirmation relating to the heading. The affirmation under altruism is: "I am altruistic". It is advised that affirmation be followed by a corresponding action. It is not always easy at first.

There is a matching quote from various other highly motivated people - living or dead - and if one uses the book as a motivational tool, each moment is worth living and living to the full because it helps clear life's many cobwebs.

Secrets of Success is a perfect Xmas gift.