An undemanding thriller

Title: The Colditz Legacy

Title: The Colditz Legacy

Author: Guy Walters

Publisher: Headline

An unusual thriller with its roots in the second world war and ending in the middle of the Cold War - waged between the US and the Soviet bloc.

The two sections are not treated equally. The first is repetitious, while the second does not tie up all the loose ends.

Walters is too sparing with his characterisations, failing to outline why his chief protagonists develop as they do.

That said, the book is an undemanding read that will help while away a lazy afternoon. It is a welcome change from the latest style of thriller that pads its story with long travelogues and intricate descriptions of the weapons of war.

Its choice of subject also beats the latest boring trend in thrillers, trashing the Middle East even though most authors know nothing about it.