William Mzimba is making a difference

Thomas Mclachlan

Thomas Mclachlan

At 38, William Mzimba is what you would call a man of distinction.

Having experienced business as usual he has decided to dedicate his life to the development of each and every South African.

"For me it's a question of how many people I can get into mainstream Information Technology [IT] and develop them.

"Once you can get them exposed they can go on to achieve better and bigger things," says Mzimba.

"I was born in Limpopo, raised in Nelspruit and spent much of my younger years in Burgersfort, Mpumalanga. I went to school in Taung and completed my matric in Leboeng in Limpopo," he says.

He had to travel up to 10km to get to school on some occasions. But after school he dabbled in entrepreneurship, though the timing was wrong.

He then decided that the corporate life provided not only protection, but an added sense of discipline.

"Before BEE and long before the codes of good practise, we found a lot of resilience from businesses. It was very tough to break into that sector and there weren't very many black-owned companies.

"I was exposed to IT when I came to Johannesburg after finishing my matric, which is when I began to study at the University of South Africa [Unisa]. I studied computer science."

William is now the managing director of Accenture, one of the most highly respected information communication companies responsible for overseeing the elections in this country and redefining the way the South African Revenue Service conduct its business.

Since then, he has had a passion about bringing more people into Information Communication Technology (ICT).

He says that in order to achieve what he has, more people need to experience business for themselves.

"If I look back at the experience I've got, it didn't come from an MBA, it came from work experience and the people I've known," Mzimba says.