Mom might be allowed to see kids

Andrew Molefe

Andrew Molefe

The family of Lesego Pearl Hugo, 17, have come out with guns blazing against her long lost mother.

Lesego is the only pupil at Kgononyane Secondary School who passed her grade 11 end-of-year exams.

Queen Kesentseng Hugo, 39, claimed on Tuesday that she was forced out of her Vryburg, North West, marital home by her husband's family after his death.

"They accused me of having bewitched my husband. I was not even allowed to attend his funeral," she said.

She said she left her soldier husband, Arend, after discovering that he was cheating.

He died in a car accident in 1994.

In a new twist, her late husband's brother, Leon Kgatlane, said it was Queen who cheated in the marriage.

"My brother found her in bed with another man. She then left my brother and the kids in 1994 and only returned to claim my brother's corpse four years later. She was pregnant when she came."

Kgatlane, a local police officer , said before the funeral Queen arrived with the police brandishing a court order.

"The police only backed off when my mother produced a divorce decree that clearly showed that my brother had long divorced that woman."

Kgatlane said the family did not wish to rubbish her name, adding that "after all, she's now someone's wife and the whole dirty issue could damage her marriage".

Queen said she only wanted to see her children - the youngest, Antony, was only a few months old when she left.

Kgatlane said she can see the children only if they also wished to see the mother they've never really known.