Diva helps stranded drivers

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

She sings like an angel, but few people know that when Phinda Mtya takes off her glamorous stage outfits, it's to moonlight as a tow truck driver.

Mtya effortlessly switches roles, donning overalls and having her dainty hands smeared with grease and oil, as she rushes to the rescue of stranded motorists at night.

Smiling broadly, the singer concedes that she enjoys the role of angel of mercy.

"My husband and I run a tow truck business. We have a driver by day, but have to alternate nights," she said.

A normal day for the talented singer starts with her preparing her children for school.

"I then rush to our spares shop for administrative work.

"If I have a show coming up, I will go to rehearsals. But come rain or shine, I always go home to cook at 3pm."

A millennium woman, she happily juggles a career and family life.

The Mtya's have been in the towing business for nine years.

"We had been at it for five years when I snared a role in the Lion King, which demanded that I relocate to Canada for three years."

Mtya says that as much as she enjoys responding to motorists' distress calls, she occasionally encounters gender- prejudiced males.

"When they realise that I am the person who's going to tow them away, the look on their faces is always priceless.

"Then follows the skepticism as they watch me hook and sling the car," she says, bursting into hearty laughter.

Mtya says she is not ready to swop her greasy overalls for a snow-white apron.

"For as long as towing puts food on the table, I will continue doing it.

"Besides, stopping will be tantamount to leaving my husband in the lurch."

Mbheka Phesheya, her latest CD, is doing extremely well .