Sowetan helps mud-house family to build a new home

Andrew Hlongwane

Andrew Hlongwane

A helping hand has been extended to a family of six who have been living in a two-roomed mud-house since the birth of the oldest member, 61-year-old granny Alice Mabuse.

No one in the family is employed and they all survive on pension and disability grants.

Cynthia Masilo, 41, wrote to Mama Angel explaining the family's circumstances and mentioned that their old mud-house, in Hebron in North West, could collapse and even kill the family during rainy spells.

Last week Mama Angel came to the family's rescue by donating cash to pay for building a new three-roomed house.

Cynthia Masilo told Mama Angel: "I wish I could fly up to the sky and show my happiness to God.

"I will enjoy the new home together with my children.

"Thank you Mama Angel. You are our Angel from God, you really know what suffering is about," Masilo said.

Alice Mabuse helps Cynthia and her four children by collecting tins to sell.

Cynthia's eldest daughter, Onalerona, 20, matriculated about three years ago, but without help has been unable to further her studies.

Meanwhile, Cynthia's second daughter has just finished writing her matric examinations and the family are awaiting her results and hoping for distinctions.

Alice Mabuse told the Mama Angel team that she really appreciated what Mama Angel had done for the poor family.

The family still needs:

l A bursary to further Onalerona's education.

l Painting facilities,

l About R1000 for labour.

l Employment for the adults to enable them to put food on the table.