Call to compensate pit-toilet victim

Mary Papayya

Mary Papayya

The Human Rights Commission has threatened to subpoena the KwaZulu-Natal Education Department after claims that a pupil fell into a pit latrine.

Andiswe Dube, 4, from Umgababa Primary School in the south coast tried to use the toilet two months ago, but slipped and fell about 3m into the human waste.

She was found waist-deep in excrement and was rescued by a fellow pupil and a teacher.

Karthy Govender said the commission was pursuing the matter under the general socioeconomic rights of individuals as spelt out in the constitution.

Govender said the commission had previously asked the department to provide a plan of action after the incident.

"We are calling on the department to act or face a subpoena. We believe that the child deserves compensation.

"We have also called on the department to change the system to septic tanks or a water-borne sewerage option," he said.