Motivation is common sense we need to hear, but listen with fresh ears

Book: Motivational Explosion

Book: Motivational Explosion

Author: Bheki Ncube

Publisher: Bheki Ncube Publishing

Reviewer: Anelisa Ngcakani

Motivational Explosion can be summed up as a compilation of profound and sensible sayings taken from various authors and books such as the Bible and presented as an original piece of work.

There is nothing new about what Bheki Ncube is saying and his lack of originality irritated me by the third chapter.

An example of this is the story he tells of an eagle that lived among chickens and ended up behaving like a chicken.

Another is the famous phrase "procrastination is the chief thief of time".

He also uses a thought-provoking phrase made popular by Miles Monroe, a preacher and author who said the grave is the richest place on earth because it houses the talents and gifts of people who never used them.

Don't get me wrong, motivational speakers basically tell people what they already know - most of it is common sense.

But what makes one motivational speaker stand out from the rest is his ability to package common sense in a fresh and exciting way.

This is what Ncube has failed to do.

But there is a place for his book because everyone needs to be corrected and encouraged in order to succeed.

Life brings many situations that can make a person want to give up on it.

But all that motivational speakers do is sell hype. They write books and make speeches telling their readers and audiences to "forgive and forget the past, get up and face your challenges, you are a winner and no one can stand against you".

Everyone gets filled with excitement and charged to face life and its challenges, only to find that after three weeks they have reverted to their previous discouraged state of mind.

They become this way because the motivational speaker did not tell them how to face their challenges step by step and how to stay a victor.

I credit Ncube for saying the most important aspect is to make a regular decision to stay motivated and to work at it.

It's worth a read for beginners who need a new direction.