Varsity lets name slip, focuses on services

Selby Makgotho

Selby Makgotho

The University of Venda for Science and Technology has decided to shelve the issue of changing its name and focus its resources on more pressing matters.

Rufus Kharidza, executive director for public relations and development, yesterday said the university was now focusing on raising R750million to improve on its academic and administrative products.

"Obviously the issue of changing names was also going to be costly for the university."

Earlier in the year, the institution had considered changing its name and invited public input. The feeling at the time was that the name, University of Venda, was tribalistic and made it appear as if the institution was for Vendas only.

"People appeared not to be interested in changing names. Instead they wanted to improve academic services," he said.

Kharidza said the focus for the next four years would be on raising the R750 million to, among other things, improve the laboratories, acquire additional material for the libraries, upgrade student hostels and increase research resources.

The university was established in 1982 by the then Venda homeland. It recently added science and technology courses to its curriculum and it is now known as the University of Venda for Science and Technology.