Farmworker denied right to have sex

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

A Limpopo farmworker has been barred from staying in the farm's compound after spending a night with her husband without her boss's permission.

Now Maria Hlungwane, 58, from Giyani, has to travel 100 km to go to work in Inzana, Tzaneen. Hlungwane, a mother of six, earns R800 a month.

She was barred from staying on the farm after the farm's disciplinary hearing found her guilty last week.

Hlungwane said she never thought it would be a violation of the farm's policy to bring her husband to the farm to share a night with her.

She said she was sleeping in the house when the front door was kicked open and farmworkers came in and found her "in the act" with her husband.

"I did not expect the situation to be like it was. I felt humiliated," said Hlungwane.

She said the men had told her the farm owner had sent them to evict her.

"I shudder to think of how my family would survive with the money I earn while I also have to pay travelling expenses daily. I am a human being and I have feelings too," she said.

Farm owner Francois Vonster confirmed that Hlungwane was barred from staying on the farm compounds for the rest of her life.