Condor charms black folk

Charles Mogale

Charles Mogale

More than a year since Toyota ceased production and sales of the Condor, it tops the auctions' used-car wanted list.

Darryl Jacobson, managing director of Burchmore's, says the demand for the Condor is "unparalleled".

He says: "Toyota really does seem to have a real understanding of customer needs. When the company launched the Condor, it was the right vehicle at the right time.

"It is still viewed by private buyers as everything they ever wanted in a family vehicle, and more. They appreciate the fact that, as was the case when it was sold as a new vehicle, the Condor has remained affordable. It is seen as a comfortable, reliable and hard-working family vehicle. It offers space, comfort and versatility that cannot be beaten."

Of the various models available, the 4x2 derivative is the most popular.

Most of the demand is from black customers.

"It is attracting black buyers like there is no tomorrow," Jacobson quips.

"The only problem is lack of stock.

"Thankfully, we receive quite a few Condors from the various financial institutions, which does help our stock situation.

"But we are always looking for more in order to meet our customers' demand."